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Most people are under the impression that 18 Wheeler Accidents are just large automobile accidents. 18 wheel truck accidents are much different. In fact the laws that govern trucks involved in interstate commerce are Federal & State of Texas and include various transportation laws in different subject areas. So if you or a loved one has been the victim of an 18 wheeler crash, it’s important to get a Houston attorney experienced in truck accident claims. 18 Wheeler tractor trailer accidents are a dangerous and an increasingly common cause of injury on Houston roads and highways. Since Houston is one of the largest cities in America as well as a major port of entry for goods from all over the world, the sheer number of commercial trucks on Houston roads and highways is significantly higher than elsewhere in the country and as you might expect, truck accidents are more prevalent.

When you are on the streets or highways of Houston, you can’t help noticing all the 18-wheelers on the road.  However unfortunate, sometimes drivers of 18 wheeler semi-rigs are overworked, sleep deprived, inattentive, and unaware of the local Houston roads, driving aggressively towards smaller vehicles, and will often be in a hurry. If you put any of these factors together, a truck accident is just waiting to happen such as in this recent news story. The most serious truck accidents are often preventable and truck driver negligence & reckless driving often results in the most serious injuries which can cause death.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, it is always good advice to get legal advice. Contact truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.  Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP at 713-255-9148 offers a free case evaluation to inform you of your legal rights and the potential for recovery of injury damages.

Although many 18 wheeler drivers regularly drive the very same routes, a truck driver’s pay is often based on speed of delivery so they are usually paid by the mile.  This means that 18 wheeler drivers may take chances, speed or drive recklessly to get to their delivery destination in a hurry at the expense of other drivers on the road. The long hours most truck drivers spend behind the wheel might be considered exhausting to the average driver. It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to try to stay awake by using stimulants, prescription medications, drugs, illegal stimulants or even alcohol. If you have ever been to a truck stop you have probably seen all the different types of energy drinks, stimulants, and “stay awake” products at the checkout counter. When an 18 wheel truck driver is under the influence of anything that, can impair their mental state while driving at high speeds in an 18 wheeler without sleep in a hurry on unknown Houston roads, can very easily end up in a catastrophic accident or cause a wrongful death.

Even when an 18 wheeler accident is the fault of a negligent truck driver, recovering damages can be an arduous process. Many trucking companies and commercial carriers have the resources of large corporations and often have their own legal representation. Both trucking companies and their insurance providers usually conduct their own accident investigations immediately after a truck accident. Because of their resources and immediate approach and self serving interests to pay as little as possible to injured victims, they often take many actions to limit their liability. There may be key evidence such as schedule records and driver logs that may suddenly disappear. These are typically only kept for a short period of time before being destroyed anyway, but it’s imperative to get an experienced 18 wheeler attorney if you or a family member have been in an accident as the clock ticks from the moment the accident occurs. Without adequate legal representation, many Houston truck accident victims are at a disadvantage and may have little chance of recovering the compensation they deserve without legal counsel.

Don’t get taken advantage of by the big insurance companies. The Houston Truck Accident Lawyers at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP will strive to recover the maximum monetary compensation for you, as well as to restore the dignity that all personal injury victims deserve. Call us at 713-255-9148 to see how we may be able to help you.

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Aviation Accident Lawyers

Texas Aviation Attorneys

At Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP, our Texas aviation accident attorneys represent victims of aircraft accidents and injuries as a well as wrongful death cases.

Aviation accidents occur more often than people think. Not every aviation accident or aircraft related injury is a plane crash that makes headline news. In fact, many aviation accidents and injuries happen on the ground, in airfields, hangers and airports. Aviation accidents usually involve aviation workers, airline crew members, maintenance companies and their personnel.

If you have been injured in an aviation accident or someone you love has died in an aviation accident, the Texas personal injury lawyers at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP may be able to help you. Our experienced litigation attorneys can help evaluate your aviation work injury claims, multi engine plane accidents, single engine private plane accidents, airline passenger injuries, airport accidents, in-flight accidents, helicopter accidents, and the tragedy of a serious personal injury or death as a result of an aviation accident such as a plane crash. Our lawyers can evaluate your aviation accident claim to help you determine your legal rights and remedies.

For recent news on Aviation Accidents, check out these links: Washington Post  CBS News

For aviation accidents involving a charter planes, commercial airlines, military aircraft, private plane accidents, or any type of aircraft or aviation related personal injury claims, Call Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP at 713-255-9148 or toll-free at 1-800-741-0718 for a free case evaluation.


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Admiralty and Maritime Laws

Houston, Galveston and Gulf Coast Maritime Lawyers


At Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP, our Houston, Texas offices allow our admiralty and maritime attorneys to provide convenient representation to offshore workers who are seriously injured or killed in and around the Gulf of Mexico. As a major US port city, Houston is home to several companies that have offshore workers in the Gulf. More often than you might think, oil and gas companies, chemical companies, refineries, shipping companies, and freight cargo forwarders have offshore workers injured on the job while working at sea or in the Gulf of Mexico.

Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP represents a variety of injured offshore workers; from merchant seamen to oil & gas workers to people and crewmembers injured on pleasure craft or cruise ships.  Whatever the offshore injury, the maritime lawyers and admiralty attorneys at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP provide experienced and effective representation to help injured people, or their loved ones left behind in wrongful death cases to pursue justice.

If you have been injured offshore or in the Gulf of Mexico, we can evaluate your case and help you determine how to pursue your legal options. Whether you’re in Houston, Galveston, Port Arthur, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, or anywhere in Texas, contact us to discuss your offshore injuries and potential legal remedies. Call 713-255-9148 or toll-free at 1-800-741-0718 for a free case evaluation.

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School Accidents Lawyer in Houston

Children are injured in Schools and daycares more often than you may think. There are many dangers and hazards in schools and daycares which can subject your child to injury and illness. When those dangers are due to the negligence of a school nurse, teacher, daycare provider, or others responsible for your child’s care, you may be able to seek a claim against the negligent and harmful party to recover compensation. If your child has been injured in a Houston school or daycare, contact Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP at 713-255-9148 for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your claim.

When you leave your children in the care of a licensed daycare provider or your child is attending school under the supervision and care of teachers, school nurses, and others, there is a duty to you and your child to make certain your child is taken care of.  Children are impressionable, so even a minor injury can permanently impact your child’s future and a serious injury to a child can inflict lifelong physical and emotional damage. Children who sustain injuries because of the negligent or intentional actions of others deserve compensation to be made whole. Their compensation should not only include medical bills and ongoing medical treatment, but their financial losses as well as those of their families and for the emotional pain and suffering they have had to endure.

The Houston school injury and daycare accident attorneys at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP handle a variety of cases involving children injured at schools, childcare facilities, and at afterschool daycare providers. Our injury lawyers also seek compensation for injury claims of children due to negligent and reckless acts involving school bus accidents, criminal acts against children, such as child molestation and sexual crimes. We can assist Houston families to pursue claims against those responsible for their child’s injuries.

Houston schools, afterschool programs, childcare providers, and school daycare facilities as we well as the teachers, school nurses, and employees who work there, all have a duty to keep your child safe from accidents and injuries.

Some of the causes of school accidents and injuries and daycare injury claims are often are often preventable. Child injuries at schools & school daycares include:

·         Lack of supervision

·         Failure or delay to seek medical care for an injured child

·         Failure to maintain equipment

·         Failure to provide adequate safety measures

·         Failure to provide adequate security

·         Failure to provide state approved meals

·         Babysitting too many children for the license

·         Child abuse such as hitting or assault

·         Inappropriate contact with a minor

·         Lack of training of school or day care staff

·         Failure to check qualifications of staff including background checks

·         Poor cleanliness and sanitary conditions

·         Failure to disburse prescription medicine as may be needed by a child

·         The improper ratio of school staff or caregivers to children

·         Failure to insure infants & babies are kept apart from bigger children

·         Sexual abuse or child molestation

·         Neglect and negligence

Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP is passionately committed to advocating the rights of your child’s school injuries. Our Houston injury lawyers will seek the maximum compensation for your child’s injury damages and represent their rights to hold those at fault accountable.  Children who are injured have the rest of their lives to remember their injuries, so the emotional pain of a serious injury can sometimes scar a child for a lifetime. Our firm can seek to recover compensation for both the physical and psychological damages of a childhood injury.  We consult with medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, education professionals, school staff, expert witnesses, parents and actual witnesses, classmates & friends of your child, as well as the state licensing authorities and school regulators to determine who may be liable for your child's injuries.  When your child is the victim of negligent actions or criminal conduct of a school or aftercare program, it is very important to assess the full affect of the physical, psychological, and emotional damages in order to maximize the recovery to you and your child in a lawsuit. 

Contact Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP at 713-255-9148 for free initial consultation to discuss how we may be able to help you and your child seek compensation for a school accident or school injury claim.

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Farm Accidents & Injuries

Texas Farm Injury Lawyers - Agricultural Accident Attorneys


Agricultural injuries and farm accidents happen all over Texas. Texas ranch workers, farm workers, and agricultural employees are often subjected to dangerous working conditions. If you have been injured as a farmer, a ranch hand, a farm employee, a visitor to a ranch, farm, or agricultural installation contact Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP to see how we can help you.


Many Texas ranch accidents and farm accidents cause serious life changing injuries which can permanently impair their victims. Since most Texas farms and ranches utilize ATVs, tractors, heavy earth moving equipment, milking equipment, cullers, shredders, rotor tillers, tractors, harvesters, irrigation equipment, milking equipment, chippers, fertilizing equipment, pesticide equipment, and other dangerous machinery; farm accidents and agricultural injuries can even lead to wrongful death.

In fact many Texas ranch accidents and farm injuries involve common farming equipment including:


·         Hand Tools

·         Bulldozers

·         Hay Balers

·         Hydraulic plows

·         Backhoes

·         Forklifts

·         Harvesters

·         Grain elevators

·         Hydraulic lifts and loaders


Since many Texas farms, ranches, orchards, vineyards, agricultural plants and farming operations have animals present or involve interaction with animals; farm animal attacks and injuries involving ranch animals can be fairly common.


Whether you or a loved one have been injured on a Texas farm or ranch due to farming equipment, ranch tools, or by being bitten by a farm animal, a variety of injuries can be sustained.


Some Texas farm injuries and ranch accidents can result in:


·         Amputations

·         Back injury

·         Cuts & lacerations

·         Brain injuries

·         Broken bones & fractures

·         Shoulder & Neck injury

·         Strains and sprains

·         Soft tissue damage

·         Toxic exposure & chemical poisoning

·         Herniated discs

·         Burns injuries

·         Scars

·         Wrongful death - accidental death


Whether your ranch accident happened in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Abilene, a Hill Country ranch, in Waco, Sherman, Denton, the Valley, in East Texas, West Texas or anywhere in Texas, Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP may be able to help you. No matter what type of farm accident or ranch injury you may have suffered, it is generally advisable to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible in order to determine your legal options.  The sooner you speak with an attorney after a ranch or farm accident, the sooner you may be able to pursue recovery of your injury damages and hold those at fault accountable. In most farm accidents and ranch injuries, time is of the essence after the accident in order to preserve evidence for liability, and to get the facts to determine what parties may be at fault. A complete investigation of the facts immediately after the farm accident is often an important key immediately after the accident.


Call the Texas Personal Injury Lawyers at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP at 800-741-0718 for a free initial consultation and assessment of your farm injury or ranch accident claim.


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